Sarah J Maas

I really should have written about this author before now.  Especially since finding her books earlier this year, I have read all ten books and have even managed to get a ticket to the Author event (with signed book) in Manchester in November.  (Thanks mum!).

There are two series and the first is A Court of Thorns and Roses, Fayre is pulled into the world of the Fey while they are cast under the rule of Amarantha, mostly imprisoned ‘Under the Mountain’.  She shoots a wolf on the human side of the wall and after that she has a task to fulfil to release the fey from their rule.

The first book follows Fayre and Tamlin, High Lord of the Spring court as they battle to remove Amarantha from they Fey lands.  We see her meet many people from all seven courts as she is thrust into the horrors of the Hybern Commanders’ court.   We watch her break, heal and break all over again.

There is a lot of scene setting in this book and as such I didn’t feel it got going until the last third.  But boy was that last third worth it!  After that the entire series is full paced and full on.  The second book (A Court of Mist and Fury) has us exploring the Night Court with High Lord Rhysand and his Inner Circle.  Tamlin is still tracking Fayre since Rhys took her from the Spring Court and by the end, the twists and turns of the plot will have you re-evaluating everything you knew about the characters.  Fayre continues to strengthen as a character and the writing continues to improve throughout the book.  By the time you get to A Court of Wings and Ruin, the characters are all firm favourites and the thought of any sort of loss is heart breaking.  When I got to the end I had what many people call a ‘book hangover’, I was definitely hooked – it took me WEEKS to find something else that I could actually read.    Guess what it was??  Sarah J Maas’ other series – Throne of Glass!


Throne of Glass follows Celaena as she is dragged from the Slave Camp in the Endovien mountains by Prince Dorian and Captain Chaol Westfall.  She is thrown into a competition to become the King’s Champion; someone who can carry out his dirty work and take care of any ‘issues’ that may arise during the future of his reign.

As Celaena progresses through the tournament, her stay in the stone castle becomes somewhat tumultuous and the competition really heats up.  And after that, I can’t tell you much more because I don’t want to ruin the plot!  Seven books on and I’m still loving the story and can’t wait to see what Sarah J Maas has in store for us next Autumn!



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